A multi-disciplinary healing artist from the Black folk tradition of the US.


About Richael

I felt drawn to and inspired by the magical ways of being of enslaved folks on this soil. To me their very survival was magical. And as I learned more about [Conjure, an African-American healing tradition], it’s super practical, which makes sense. It’s practical, it’s eclectic and it is truly about survival and thriving which is also very true to the black experience in this country.
— Meet Richael Faithful, a Queer Black ‘Street Shaman’


Richael Faithful (they/them/theirs) is a multi-disciplinary folk healing artist and healing justice practitioner rooted in the African diasporic tradition of conjure. They were born in Washington DC and raised in Virginia, with a strong affinity to their southern family line in Georgia, Alabama and Texas. 

Faithful supports national and local activists of all backgrounds, particularly leaders of Black Liberation movements. They are known for creating spaces to help activist identify and process trauma and invest into healing justice frameworks.

Their work has been featured in national publications, including in ColorlinesThe RootEveryday Feminism, HuffPost, among others. They also publish their own words in several books and law review articles.

Faithful is former Shaman-in-Residence at Freed Bodyworks. Before formal shamanic initiation, Richael was a healing-oriented community organizer and peoples’ lawyer.

About The Vision

 Photo by T. Thompson

Photo by T. Thompson



Richael is committed to cultivating moments and spaces for healing across space and time. They believe when we support wholeness and integration on individual, family, community and systems-levels that we affect generations--past and future. Simply put, they facilitate trans-generational healing at individual and collective levels.

Richael sources their healing gifts, capacities and knowledge from conjure, the Black folk/shamanic/majik tradition of the US. They depend on the resilience, adaptability, and creativity inherent in this powerful diasporic tradition that was harnessed by enslaved people of the continent. One of Richael's unique offerings is their ability to make this knowledge contemporary and accessible for these times.  And beyond adapting old healing technologies, they are at the forefront of sourcing and translating the new spiritual paradigm into which the world is entering. 

Richael adopts a loving warriorhood approach in their creation, which they call "love politic." Here, they intend to reclaim conjure as a healing practice of a robust and often neglected lineage. As a multidisciplinary healing artist and healing justice practitioner, with experience in organizing, facilitation, energy work, ritual, art, and emerging thought, Richael seeks to spread their love politic vision--one of compassionate justice and spiritual awakening-- through their work.


Richael has a rich and deep body of work across disciplines.

Folk Healing Arts

Healing Curation

Healing curation is the skilled imagining, preparation, and facilitation of a group healing experience. These experiences are designed to be experiential and meet specific individual and communal needs. 


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Open Hours

Open Hours provides virtual, informal shamanic support on a weekly basis.

Village Healer

Village Healer offers deeper-level healing support for a limited number of people each month.  It’s structured to provide more consistent support, encourage more integrative healing, and foster continuity of relationship. 

Ritual Design

Custom and co-created ritual for individuals and groups. 




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Healing Justice Practitioner

Conflict Transformation

A process to transform interpersonal and group-level conflict through intentional repair, including: restorative circle process, conflict mapping, 1-on-1 support, and relationship-building. Also may include a group study and recommendations.

Healing Culture Support

A form of consultancy about the development of healing group culture, including: deep community agreements, compassionate accountability practice, nonviolent communication practice, restorative circle/repair practices, and wellness planning. Also may include a group study and recommendations. 


Healer-in-Residence is an experimental model for conferences, gatherings, and convenings in which healing is centered and integrated into the space. As a healer-in-residence, a range of skills and tools are available as the healer is on-site for scheduled events and as-needed basis.

Human Ecology of Racism

The Human Ecology of Racism (H.E.R.): A Virtual Curricula is an intensive monthly virtual experience, rooted in radical Black intellectual and nature-based spiritual traditions, to develop, practice, share, and archive cutting-edge approaches to white solidarity. Current series runs until August 2018 with special events in September and October. 

Whole Selves, Whole Movements

Whole Selves, Whole Movements is a supported five-part workshop series designed to be an organizational entry-point for learning about healing justice principles, the nature of toxic culture and harm, and and ways to embody healing culture. It can be in-person or virtual over several months, and can contain bridge curricula--activities to further learning between workspaces--for in-depth individual and group exploration into healing-centered movement work. 

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Human Ecology of Racism


Human Ecology of Racism (H.E.R.) Curricula

The Virtual Curricula is live from March - August 2018.

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