Village Healer

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Village Healer supports deeper-level healing within a mutually sustainable model. It’s structured to provide more consistent support, encourage more integrative healing, and foster continuity of relationship. 

Tools: in-person shamanic energy healing (for those in the DC area), spiritual counseling, sacred space and ritual design, guided meditations, among others.

Time: shared month-to-month commitment.

Availability: as necessary; outer limits as up to 2 in-person meetings, up to 3 video or phone meetings, and as needed on Marco Polo app or email.

Capacity: only eight people per month on a first-commitment basis.

Exchange: 5-10% of your monthly income, equivalent in barter value or combination (e.g. annual income of $30,000 / 12 = 2500 = $125 - $250 or equivalent value, which can be divided in parts over the month).

  • Mutual agreement before start of monthly commitment and can be changed each month.

  • Based on a trust/honor system about your monthly income or trades.

  • People with systemic access to wealth, resources and materials are assumed to exchange higher on the scale. See the Green Bottle for guidance.

  • The hope is to create a unique and convenient exchange for everyone to reduce administrative time and labor.

  • Let’s talk directly and honestly about money and anti-capitalism as part of our healing.

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Richael is at capacity for Village Healer for January 2019.

Please complete this form to be added to the waitlist. You may also consider Open Hours and Energy Work for support.

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