This portfolio contains selected work which reflect Richael's breadth of movement contributions and skills. References are available upon request.

Bodies of Healing Work

  • Folk Healing Artist and Healing Justice Practitioner (May 2014 - Present)

  • Oxalis Collective LLC (May 2017 - October 2018)

  • Shaman-in-Residence, Freed Bodyworks (March 2015 - March 2017)

  • Founder, Curator & Facilitator, Conjure! Freedom Collective (August 2014 - Feb. 2017)

Formal Education

Certificate of Shamanic Studies (2014)

Completion of apprenticeship program with The Polarity Center and Shamanic Studies

Juris Doctor, American University Washington College of Law (WCL), May 2011           

Outstanding Scholarship at the Graduate Level, American University; WCL Peter Cicchino Award for Outstanding Public Service; Editor-In-Chief, The Modern American: Scholarly Journal Dedicated to Diversity and the Law; American University GLBTA Resource Center Leadership Award

Bachelor of Arts, with Honors, College of William and Mary, May 2007

Studies in American Inequality, Social Thought and Political Economy

Highest Honors, Original Research Thesis, Department of Sociology; Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for Public Service; President’s Award for Service to the Community; Ernestine Jackson Award for Cross-Cultural Understanding

Anthology Publications

Black Trans Prayer Book (publication TBA)

“My Black Soul Absorbs Every Shade of Being,” Black Trans Love Is Black Trans Wealth (publication TBA)

“The Future Is Here: First Nations & Black Sovereignties in a New Era of Land Justice,”  Land Justice: Re-Imagining Land, Food, and Commons (2017)

“My Name Is Dirt,” Outside the XY: Queer, Black and Brown Masculinity (2016)

“(Re)Embodied,” Girls From The South: An Anthology of Southern Queer Womyn’s Voices and Their Allies (2013)

Conflict Transformation

Black Lives Matter DC (Summer 2018 - January 2019)

Black Lives Matter DC (September 2016)

Not In Our House DC (December 2018 - January 2019)

Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC (May 2018)

Washington Peace Center, Racial Justice Accountability (November 2017)

*Only public processes are included in this section to respect confidentiality.


Holding Space: An Affinity Space Facilitation Guide, co-authored with Unchained Visioning (September 2018)


Co-Facilitator, Science of Learning and Development Retreat, Education Counsel LLC with Insight/Incite Consulting (March 2018)

Co-Facilitator, Sex Workers Summit on Arrest Diversion & Criminal Justice Reform, Open Society Foundation (August 2017)

Healing Culture / Organization Transformation / Racial Equity

Black Lives Matter DC (January 2019 - Present)

DC Greens Retreat (November 2018 - Present)

East Coast Solidarity Summer Collective Retreat (November 2018)

Farm School NYC (December 2018 - Present)

Organizing Neighborhood Equity (November 2018 - February 2019)

Power Shift Network (June 2018)

Washington Peace Center (January 2019 - Present)

Healing Curation

Emerging Practitioner in Philanthropy, Human Ecology of Racism (July 2018)

Teach for America San Antonio, Unchained Visioning Healing Space (May 2018)

Creating Change, National LGBTQ Task Force, Multigeneration Healing Blueprint with Oxalis Collective (January 2018)

NASTAD Unlearning Stigma and Gaining Magic Race and Gender Justice Summit (June 2017)


American Herbalist Guild Annual Symposium (October 2018)

Black Youth Project 100 National Convening (June 2017)

Duke University, Policing Color: Black, Brown, and Blue (April 2017)

Emergent Philanthropies Conference (September 2016)

Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance, Warmth of Other Suns Conference ( August 2016)


Shenandoah Herbal Gathering, Reweaving the Web: Human Ecology of Racism (June 2018)

Adrian College, Fourth Annual Women’s Diversity Conference, The Heart of Justice (April 2012)

Law Presentations

Creating Meaningful Inter-Generational Relationships in Law & Struggle, National Lawyers’ Guild 76th Annual Law for the People Convention (October 2013)

“On Community Lawyering,” Guest Lecturer, University of Virginia School of Law (March 2013)

Intersectional Lawyering: Whole People, Whole Experiences & Whole Systems Lawyering, Critical Race Theory Conference, Yale University School of Law (February 2013)

“Black History Month Voting Rights Briefing,” Congressional Black Caucus, co-hosted by Reps. Marcia Fudge, John Conyers, and John Lewis (February 2012)

Law-Breaking Gender: Talking about Trans-Justice, American University GLBT Studies Colloquium (November 2010)

(Law) Breaking Gender: How Legalized Gender Oppression Guides Advocates Toward Transformative Law, New Developments in Sexuality & Gender panel, Lat. Crit. XIV Conference (October 2009)  

Law Journal Publications

#BlackLivesMatter Kitchen Talk, 71 Nat’l Law. Guild Review 246 (2014)

The New Jim Crow Book Review Response Essay, 70 Nat’l Lawyers’ Guild Rev. 2 (2013).

Toward The Heart of Justice, 69 Nat’l Lawyers’ Guild Rev. 4 (2012).

An Idea of American Indian Land Justice: Examining Native Land Liberation in a New Progressive Era, 67 Nat’l Lawyers’ Guild Rev. 4 (2011)

Religious Exemption or Exceptionalism? Exploring the Tension of First Amendment Religion Protections and Civil Rights ProgressEmployment Discrimination Act, 3 Am. U. Legis. & Pol’y Brief 1 (2011)

Law-Breaking Gender: In Search of Transformative Gender Law, 18 Am. U. J. Gender, Soc. Pol’y & L. 3 (2010)

Book Interview: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, 6 The Modern Am. 2 (2010)

Seeking Protection from the Law? Exploring Changing Arguments for U.S. Domestic Violence Asylum Claims and Gendered Resistance by Courts, 6 The Modern Am. 3 (2009).  D.C. Women’s Bar Association and The Modern American Annual Essay Contest Winning Entry 

Transitioning Our Prisons Toward Affirmative Law: Examining the Impact of Gender Classification Policies on U.S. Transgender Prisoners, 5 The Modern Am. 2 (2008)

Legal Experience

Advancement Project, Equal Justice Works Fellow/Staff Attorney, Virginia Rights Restoration Project (2011-2014)

Executive Editor, National Lawyers’ Guild Review, April 2011 – 2015

Volunteer Attorney, Name and Gender Clinic, Transgender Legal Advocates of Washington, April 2012 – 2014

(Selected) Media Features

"Meet Richael Faithful: a Queer, Black Street Shaman,” Colorlines (2015)

“Healers of Color on Why Self-Care Is Not Self-Indulgence,” Colorlines (2016)  

“Local Healing Circle Provides Outlet for Community Members,” Tagg Magazine (2016)

Shamanism with Richael Faithful,” Let’s Get Metaphysical Podcast (August 2018)

Online Publications

“We Need More Than Self-Care; We Need Healing, Too,” The Root (2017)

“The Hourglass of White Paralysis,” HuffPost (2016)

“4 Ways To Stay Grounded After The Election,” Everyday Feminism (2016)


Southerners on New Ground Virginia Steering Committee (2013)

Apprentice Community Organizer, Virginia Organizing Project (2005 - 2008)

Midwest Academy Training: Organizing for Social Change (2008)

Performance Art

It's Better To Speak! An Evening of Resistance and Revival (artist) (July 2018)

Here/Hear (producer/artist): a critically-acclaimed piece at The Fringe Festival DC (2015)


Tonic: A Healing Advice Podcast (co-producer and co-host): a highly-rated, call-in podcast featured on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher (Ongoing)

In Laughing Color: For Queerky Folks Who Considered the Mic When Comedy Central Wasn’t Enuf (co-founder, co-producer and performer): a life-affirming comedy training and showcase series for queer/trans people of color (2015 - 2016)

Public Ritual

Ancestral Nature Walk To End Rape Culture and Sexual Violence (curator/leader): FORCE’s Hike for Healing initiative (2017)

African American Shamanic Death Rituals: Collective Grief-Holding and Transformation (curator): Chrysalis Institute (September 2017)

Healing-in-Public (curator/healer): a series by Conjure Freedom Collective! (2016)


Holding Space: An Affinity Group Facilitation Training, Teach for America San Antonio (October 2018)

White Supremacy Transformation

Human Ecology of Racism: Virtual Curricula (curator/facilitator): an online socio-spiritual series for people in white solidarity movement (Ongoing)

What the Land Tells Us: Liberatory Racial Justice Experience (curator/facilitator): Centro Ashe Farm (November 2017)

Liberatory Healing Circles To End White Supremacy (2015 - 2017)