What Is A Healer-in-Residence?

Healer-in-Residence is a unique model that was born from organizations seeking healing support at conferences. Rather than piece-meal support, it made sense to create a holistic, inclusive model that intentionally integrated healing into the space.

Why Is It Necessary?

More justice-driven organizations are becoming aware of the trauma our people are carrying, conflicts our communities are holding, violence that we are sustaining, toxicities in parts of our movement cultures, pain recorded on the places and lands we call home, and harm that can surface at events.

Therefore, when we gather, increasingly groups are seeking meaningful healing support—beyond encouragements of self-care. There is a vast world of healing support that can be imagined and ushered into spaces to improve well-being, harmonize relationships, and make externally-facing work more powerful. This world of intention, curation, and integration is the healer-in-residence model.

For a list of groups who have used this model, visit the Portfolio Page.


Under a healer-in-residence model, the healer is on-site for the duration on the event, playing multiple roles to support a healthy conference ecosystem. Support may include some or all of the following:


  • Healing circles & meditation spaces for everyone or specific groups of people.

  • Refuge room curation, self-service stations, and in-person support for everyone or specific groups of people.

  • Energy healing or wellness counseling as a healing modality offering.


  • Workshops on trauma, healing, healing justice, self/collective care, among other themes.

  • Openings, closings, and presentations related to a healing theme.


  • Facilitated group dialogues around a persistent set of issues within the group.

  • Repair circles for conflict that arises during the event.

  • Limited crisis support for individuals.


  • Consultancy (before, during and after) about how to integrate healing into the organization anchored by the event.

  • Well-being assessments that can capture how individuals and group are and sustaining.

  • Healing culture visioning about ways to further integrate healing beyond the event.


Healer-in-residence is available on retainer by a sliding scale based on an organization’s annual budget and number of supports. The range is from $1500 - $5500 with flexibility.


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