Event: Human Ecology of Racism: A Conversation with Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker (September 23)

What will it take to end white supremacy? How does white supremacy live inside you and how can you identify and disrupt it?

Join renowned feminist theologian, Dr. Rev. Rebecca Ann Parker, and folk healing artist, Richael Faithful, for an intimate and honest conversation about how white folks can deepen their commitment to racial justice.

They'll dive deep into:

  • How to rely on our body of experience/embodied experience for moral clarity & courage
  • Unpack how self-righteousness reinforces white supremacy & share grounded alternatives
  • Explain how religious themes, like redemptive sacrifice, undermine white solidarity work & present powerful counter-themes
  • Describe experiences of reaching into the unexpressed psyche to inform racial justice action
  • Ask what place imagination has in racial justice struggle
  • And a lot more.