Human Ecology of Racism Poem: What Lives On the Other Side of Whiteness/White Supremacy?

The Human Ecology of Racism is a curricula that explores ancestral, spiritual and cultural healing of white supremacy, by people who benefit from whiteness, as a theory of liberatory change. 

During our last virtual experience of a six-part series, which drew inspiration from Afro-retroism and Afro-futurism, I asked participants to write a collective poem from the prompt below. I was so moved by this vision that I wanted to share, and hope this can become a ritual for future H.E.R. spaces. Enjoy! 

In our strongest imagination, what lives on the other side of whiteness and white supremacy? 

The flood. And then the level waters. And then the life that level waters bring forth.
The texture of being is revealed not concealed.
The space between the stars, which is infinite.
Cultures of care. technologies of consent. the yes, the no, the choice to hear, the choice to speak.
Rhythm of being, cycles of breathing
A borderless earth
Circles everywhere
Somewhere, I am an ocean
Curiosity and seeing, connection and grieving
A new science. experiments in form. what new shapes can our bodies take?
The unknown as our companion, rather than our foe.
A home with no walls, spacious enough for every being
Shouted, loud, aggressive renunciation of hate. What else can we be?
The collapse of time. history cracked open. the particle of the present examined as a wave.
Hunger and nurture, co-creation
The fundamental belief that existence is enough to be loved.
Weaving and unraveling of self and other
Community togetherness and a greater good
If I paused in fear, sought love, and then moved
Life following the patterns of life. the double-spiral coiling itself forward, coding newness, carrying the old
Seeds sowed grow into trees
Scent of the soil at my feet
The flood. the grief that seems shoreless until the crossing.
Neverending music
(When no white person is wondering, “what is the right answer to this question?”) : )
Melting into being and finding an openness to sharing pain.
Return to humility
Generous back-rubs
Cooperative economies :-)
Have some tea
And ice cream!
And bitterness too
Encounter, the dance of free beings negotiating boundaries
A fullness of flavor
Being alive does not cost money
Neighbors as friends
The land as part of our community
Growing from the seeds of the past
Private property as an idea falls away
I didn’t know, I didn’t need so much
Really powerful sculptures built from the remnants of prison walls.
Water and cuddles for everyone.