Event: Radical Reclamation & Creating Relationship with Difficult Emotions @ Gender & Beyond Camp, June 8-14

This week I will be offering two workshops as part of The Center for New Culture's Gender & Beyond. 

Gender & Beyond is a container to explore intimacy, compassion, transparency, radical honesty, sexual freedom, and the power of community in Mt. Storm, WV. Learn more here.

My first offering is: 

Creating Relationship with Difficult Emotions: A Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is an adapted shamanic practice in which we invite, relate, and show generosity to our most difficult emotions, especially fear. No meditation experience is required; participants should arrive prepared to choose their level of depth and to examine challenging aspects of themselves/their lives. 

My second offering is: 

Radical Reclamation: Narrative Medicine For Remembering Ourselves

This ritual space, inspired by southern US storytelling traditions of enslaved African diaspora people, will use story remembering, reframing, and retelling to guide a power reclamation experience. 

Hope to see some of my community there!