Weighs The Truth: Clan Mother of the Third Moon Cycle

This is a book excerpt passed onto to me by Tracy McCurty @ Black Belt Justice Center.  As the celestial movements will emphasize emotionality, loving truth-telling, and forgiveness this month, I was moved to share the word. 

Book: "From Weighs the Truth: Clan Mother of the Third Moon Cycle," within The 13 Original Clan Mothers: Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents, and Abilities of the Feminine Through the Ancient Teachings of the Sisterhood.

If we decide to hurt another unconsciously, we have also made the decision unconsciously to receive the lessons connected to harming another.  Weighs the Truth teaches us that we are the ones who in finding and accepting the truth of our actions, must decide what we will learn in order to make amends for following that crooked trail.  

As the Guardian of the Underdog, she is not swayed by personal opinion and obliterates the illusion of class distinction, hierarchy, wealth, supposed power, or popularity.  She demands that justice and equality be applied to every life form in Creation.  

Weighs the Truth teaches us to accept the truth inside us, as well as accepting the truth of experiences we encounter in life.  If we look at ourselves with a cold eye, accepting what we find, the truth of our strengths and our weaknesses can destroy the illusions that limit potential.  

She then positioned her body like the great lizard, called Crocodile, in order to tap his Medicine of digesting and assimilating the truth.  Like the great lizard of the rivers, she took her meal of thoughts below the water of her personal feelings and ingested each morsel of truth in order to integrate all she had learned.  As the Clan Mother rested on her belly in her sleeping robes, she sent her spiritual umbilical cord from her navel deep into the Earth Mother's body.  The fibers of light that comprised the umbilical cord sent streams of warmth into her body from deep within the earth while she dreamed of various solutions. 

If we feed the negative by being critical, the shadow side of our nature is fed.  When we praise right action and work to develop the skills of our talents, our Orendas (Spiritual Essences) expand. 

Zebra reminded her of his Medicine that nothing was final or absolute in the natural world, nothing was just light or dark, black or white.  

The words of thanksgiving were spoken by Weighs the Truth, giving gratitude for the opportunity of sharing and healing presented in the situation at hand; then burning sweetgrass was passed, so the smoke would cleanse any bitterness or negativity the group might hold against the women asking for justice.  

The Beauty Way had been restored to the Tribe without unjust punishment or decisions that could have split them apart.  The balance of Divine Law had been served.  Each woman accepted the truth of her actions, finding ways to support and heal the old pain that had created those crooked trails.  

She realized that every Two-legged carries the burden of being responsible for her or his actions.  To grow, every human being picks the lessons he or she needs to learn, adding the experiences to the Burden Basket he or she carries on his or her Earth Walk.  The responsibility of accepting the truth of those lessons is left to the individual, determining whether that person feels encumbered or freed by the experiences. 

Divine Law will bring life abundant to All Our Relations if we feed our goodness and starve the shadow that is fed by old pain.  Only then will humankind accept the truth, understanding that the Great Mystery created all Two-legged to Walk in Beauty as living vessels of love.