Launch of HealingTools - A Bi-Monthly Newsletter for Our Healing Journeys

Over this year I've seen that folks need healing support more than ever. Most important, folks need tools to anchor their own work. What if here was a regular newsletter that offered healing insights and a tool to support folks at this critical time?

This is the origin story of HealingTools, a bi-monthly newsletter with themed reflection and complementary tool designed to help on your journey. This premium newsletter is a version of my popular Mediation Monday missives at a accessible subscription rate of $5/month.

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The first newsletter was published last week. Here's an excerpt:

"So far, the most resonant theme of September is 'adjustment,' among all of the spiritual publications I canvassed. Many of us, after the eclipse season, released in ways that may never before. The celestial aspects were not only decomposing elements of our lives that no longer serve, but as my favorite healer described, Abdi Assadi, we were letting go in the context of The Great Dismantling across the worlds. It was a powerful, exhausting process, which we’re in continuation, some more than others.

The outcome is that we’re wearing new ways of being. Or, at least, we’ve shed old skin, and we’re aware that new growth is on its way. Yes, it can be a particularly raw and unstable period. This in-between-ness is subtly unfamiliar at best, and frighteningly strange, at worst. My understanding is that the juicy wisdom that we’re seeking to solidify ourselves isn’t in the changes occurring before our eyes. In the vein of a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon, it is curiosity that we’re asked to bring to the process. As the evolution continues, the challenge is: Can I stay open as I watch the natural order of change?"

I'm excited to write more about the healing themes that are showing up in the world, and equip folks to navigate all of these changes. ;)

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