Launch of Intentional Living Series 2017

This week, I'm joining Moksha Living and One Common Unity to offer the third Intentional Living series. It's a set of four monthly workshops that focus on the themes of embracing fear, offering forgiveness, deepening love, and expanding abundance mindset.

Our first gathering is Thursday September 21st at 7pm on the theme of embracing fear. We'll be engaged in a conjure adaption of a Tibetan spiritual practice called a Chöd. 

Contemporary Chöd is a Tibetan practice, founded by female yogini Machig Labdrön, that teaches us to engage our fears with radical compassion. Her teaching is a wisdom practice that encourages us to:

- Know all parts of ourselves to allow for deep transformation.
- Uproot negativity and its attachments

These gatherings are open to the public. No prior experience or knowledge is required. Because we will be incorporating movement, it is encouraged that participants dress comfortably.

Listen to me and Michell's chat after last year's final workshop on abundance mindset.

Register for any part of the series here.