Poem: When We Leave These Places

when the sun lights up the sky

we gather along the edge

of worlds that expand when we blink

it is that strange hour

when dreamscape recedes to landscape

i am as confused as you are

when we leave these places


there is never enough time

to stuff our imaginings into our heads

wash multitudes into our bones

or heap lengths of love into our hearts

i never would have chosen this way

we barely remember

when we return to those places


those places were always solid and small

we fit into these bodies mostly well

i prefer to wear many at once

their roundness, their strength, their darkness

matches the earth, their richness too

we play with our parts like doors between places

these and those, here and here, back and forth


it is a strange thing

that they don’t know

we didn’t dream ourselves

into being

some of them still don’t know

we are

their future selves