Submission: Should I Remove A Positive Spirit Attachment?

Hello, I just had my energy read for the second time and was told, for a second time, that I have a positive spirit attachment.

Is it like a spiritual guide or...? I've only ever heard of negative attachment. Can you possibly shed some light on this matter? Should I try to remove it if it's not negative? 

Thanks in advance!


Hey, HN!  This is such an intriguing shamanic question. Thank you for sharing about yourself and reaching back. 

So, I'd like to start with context about how I see things. Any attachment, in my view, is not positive, by definition. One of our most precious undertakings in our corporeal bodies is to maintain our sovereignties--physically, psychically, and energetically.  When something--a spiritual entity, energy cord, or otherwise--attaches to us non-consensually and indefinitely, it is a form of violation that should be addressed. Ultimately, intent matters, but it matters less if you did not consent to the connection or set the terms of the bond.

That said, I understand what you mean when you ask, "what is a positive spirit attachment?" The connotation of negativity is so closely associated with attachment that, to some practitioners, those words are synonymous to one another. By using the description "positive," I assume that the people who conveyed this insight to you mean that the entity attached to you doesn't mean you harm, and may even facilitate life matters in your favor.  In my experience, attachments like these are rare but occasionally happen.

But a positive/negative dichotomy only takes us so far--there's also a view that even negative attachments can be teachers. I've witnessed this to be true, though, admittedly much more interesting when the spirit isn't attached to your energy field.

My sense is, that the spirit attached to you is not an ancestor or spirit guide or benevolent entity--it's a spirit that was relatively recently in human form, and did not have a previous connection to you. I affectionately call these attachments "hitchhikers." It feels like he's helping you out in some ways, and he's also benefiting too, although the relationship feels complex. 

So, does this dude have ill-intent? Not at all. Is he helpful to you? Minimally. Is he an intrusion that you didn't invite? Yes. Is he benefiting in some way? Yes. Should you work closely with a trustworthy and experienced shamanic practitioner to investigate things further? Absolutely. Particularly, there are layers to this attachment's relationship with you (it's been with you a little while) so I recommend finding support that can help you translate the nuance.

In the end it'll be up to you whether you'd like to remove the attachment. Another option is to create conditions on your relationship with it, and let the relationship run its course. Shamanic support should help convey pieces of the story, weigh the options available to you, and share any insight from your spiritual support (guides, guardians, etc). I'm wishing you clarity in the coming months.

In solidity,