Submission: How Do I Decipher My Dreams & Develop My Intuitive Abilities?

Dear Richael, I have two questions.

  1. How should one go about best deciphering their dreams?

  2. How should someone go about best identifying and then developing their intuitive abilities?



Dear Tamara,

Thank you for reaching back. It sounds like you may have, in part, answered your own question. Let me see if I can point you toward a direction.

Dreams represent the intersection of several forms of majik. The ways in which we develop relationships with them is a form of symbol majik. The ability to understand signs, omens, symbols, and totems is a line of majik that often requires knowledge and practice to really strengthen.

I’d recommend dream journaling so that you can begin to recognize patterns (e.g. recurring themes, prophetic dreaming, associated feelings arising from certain events, etc.).

It also helps to deconstruct dreams in parts and spread those parts out to make sense of them. A symbol book can go a long way. Although the meaning of symbols vary across places, time, and traditions, you may get good use out of a book like, Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams. I intuit meanings from dreams like a story, however, if I’m unfamiliar a symbol or theme or if it’s complex, this book is a decent reference.

As you become more practiced with symbol majik, I’d begin to ask the origin of the communication of your dreams. Is it your subconscious? Future or past self? A living person? An ancestor or guide? A spirit visitor? Have you traveled? Learning the source of a dream provides helpful context, especially if you feel compelled to act on information from a dream.

Your first question may be a clue about your second question--how does one develop their intuitive abilities? I believe, in most cases, people have hints of their intuitive strengths. They just need tools with which to further practice. If you remember your dreams and they are vivid, animated parts of your life, you can begin to intuit meanings of your dreams, and use any references just as aids. Ask your friends if you can try reading their dreams. Many “knowers” take their dreamtime for granted because they assume everyone else receives as much transmission from dreams as they do, although that’s not necessary true at all.

There are also many other paths. There are intuitive practice groups, meetups and support groups, which you can find online. You can adopt a divination practice that you feel drawn to, and begin reading for yourself. Divination systems are plentiful so see what you’re drawn to: tarot or oracle cards, pendulum, bone or rune reading, scrying, among many others.

Remember, too, that you don’t need to start from nil. You can ask another intuitive about how your intuitive will serve you and which ways you can develop your skills. I rely on other readers that I trust to confirm a place to begin when I’m starting a new endeavor or reorganizing an area of my life.

At the end of the day, however, the best way to practice developing your intuitive skills is simply trusting it. The sharper your awareness about your intuition and following its guidance, the better you’ll understand your own communication with yourself.

Honestly, this is the primary way that I developed my own intuitive skills. I was my own teacher supported by other unicorn-peers.

Stay Encouraged,