Submission: What About My Rebirth Journey?

Hi, I am wanting to know what went on with me from 2013 to now.

I feel like I went on this journey of rebirth that set out a change in a bigger picture. Before I knew I was pregnant with my son, I believe had a vision from the moon maiden. 

I feel as though I am blessed and have abilities, I just want to understand it better and know if there is something undone. I have struggled finding answers from different sources but when it was occurring I felt something inside and ever since that is was something I need a shaman for. 

I hope you can help me with this and how to properly analyze and use gifts that i may have so as to not cause harm for myself or others.



Dear Rivermoon, 

Thank you for writing. My sense is that the rebirth journey that you experienced from 2013 through now is your "Awakening."

Many of us whose life design is to heal are being woken up during the last five years or so.

Often this means that our spiritual gifts or what I call majikal power is revealed to us, and at the same time, we undergo tests in our lives to speed up our emotional, spiritual and psychic growth. 

In my experience and that of others whose awakenings I support there is an ebb and flow, especially with access to our abilities--they may not be always "on" or easily accessed even once they are known to us. However, they don't go away. It is wise to trust that access is limited to us for our benefit, usually for our protection, with some exceptions. 

Intuitively, my sense is that your inner vision is keen and that your visit from the mood maiden was uniquely powerful. Your inner vision is not lost but needs more support to open. For you, I recommend gathering stones for third-eye opening, like iolite, pyrite, or quartz varieties. Stones can support you in meditation, altar work or dream work. Remember though that as you ask for third eye opening and clarity you should also request that your inner vision opens to serve you. It helps to ask the spiritual presence in your life--ancestors, guides--to help "regulate" your opening so that you aren't over-exposed. This is a place to start. 

There still may be a point when you feel that you need to understand more about your gifts. I consider myself among many "majik doulas"--shamans, card readers, astrologers, diviners--in the world now responsible for helping folks through their waking process. You should work more deeply with someone you trust and whose practice you respect. It would be worthwhile.

All My Love,