No Longer On Our Backs: Callin' Back Our Power

A theme that emerged this week in my shamanic work is calling back our power.

This present paradigm shift seems to be offering interesting context for rapid restoration. Overall, the parts of ourselves that experience trauma or oppression require deep healing and fast. We cannot deeply heal when we are still in the belly of the beast. This is why many of us are being called into radical self care to balance other external justice work. We need the space. 

Yet, space alone does not allow us to regenerate ourselves on a core level. Many of us are depleted from the last couple of years, using our reserves and even some of our ancestral reserves, as we've undergone transformation after transformation. We also need more power. Some of our power is regenerative, so that if we nurture it, it will return. But some of our power is given away from our existing attachments or burdens we're carrying that are not ours. This is the time to call ours back.

We already seen this call-back on the systemic level. Movements are calling back our safety, our lands and gifts of the land, our humanities and precious sacredness as living beings too deserving of protection and wellness. We must continue to invest into these call-backs but we must do so with energy that is returned to us on individual and communal levels.

So, this is a moment for cord-cutting. What is serving you and the greater good? If a relationship, community, or place does not serve, leave those elements behind to make space and regain power. Then, use that space and power to deposit into what is life-giving and life-affirming. Cord cutting can be ritualized and it can be merely an mind-heart-body-spirit inventory and commitment toward your intention. 

How do you know what serves? If you are re-connecting to yourself or disoriented from many and layered transitions, identify your "threshold." What is your embodied signals that something feels really good? If a relationship is not meeting your threshold, evaluate whether it should continue to exist. The nuance to cord cutting is that you're not releasing the relationship necessarily--you're releasing its toxic aspects, patterns, or histories so that your future relationship can make a new way. 

In other words, Divine is asking us to do a dimension-level soul retrieval. This is serious and we must follow Her guidance. The parts of us that oppress, perpetrate and harm are responded to with mirrors so that we can heal those parts, and it is no longer on the burden of the parts of ourselves that are oppressed, traumatized or hurt. We are emptying the double load and asking our privileged parts to do its share. Some parts of ourselves and our systems are more ready than others. Regardless, the call back is here.