Submission: Does Islam Conflict with Shamanism?

Hi Richael,

I am accepting my shamanic call, and looking for a bit of guidance. 

I grew up a Muslim and hold the faith's philosophy very close to my heart. Does this conflict with Shamanism? 

Any advice for someone new to the path on how to get started. 

With love,


Dear Lia,

Thank you for writing. Humble wishes for a gentle initiation as you accept your shamanic call. It is a great honor and an immense responsibility. 

Shamanism, in my view, does not conflict with any religion, even one of the largest world faiths like Islam. In fact, shamanism is often still part of a religion--often interwoven via ritual, or mythology or mystical belief. My understanding is that Sufism possess a rich magical legacy that may be lesser known or hidden like many occult influences. The modern practice of shamanic practice with Islam exists too, sometimes known as Islamic Shamanism. The blog, The Art of Islamic Healing, serves as a powerful example. 

Remember,  shamanism is our indigenous way of being and healing with nature and spirits. Every culture claims a shamanic system that pre-dated the major world religions. So, along with exploring mystical Sufi practice and Islamic Shamanism, you should explore the shamanic traditions of the culture of your bloodline.  

I appreciate your question about how to get started, Lia. However, my sense is that your question is not about where to go or learn necessarily--it is about permission to fully embrace your call. I cannot give you permission but I can offer affirmation. I see no conflict between shamanism and Islam. Further, I see a deepening of faith as you become more integrated with nature and spirit. To move toward your purpose is to be closer to God. Follow your guidance through Her. 

With Love,