Submission: Are More People Aware of the Global Shift?

More and more people are "waking up," including those around me.

We've agreed that there is a global shift happening in our closed conversations. Do you find that more people are aware of a change in atmosphere? 


Freedom Fighter


Dear Freedom Fighter,

Thank you for writing. Absolutely. I am also having conversations about the global shift among other conscious and healer folk.

It feels like a supremely significant shift, and many of us are witnessing and experiencing different aspects of it. Importantly, some of us have distinct roles in ushering into this realm and supporting the planet as it enters.

I claim to only understand some of it and hope to do more writing about the shift soon. I should add that it feels less like a global shift--it's a cosmic shift--one that's happening not only in our world but many others. 

Here is a quick and dirty of my observations. In this cosmic shift, many of us are "awakening" to the true nature of all things, and some of us are in ascension, meaning we are aware and working within our spiritual evolution and growth tests. The latter contains karmic resolutions and ancestral healing. It's a lot. 

I also see, as part of the shift, a collapse among realms. Some people describe this happening as "thinning of the veil." But all of the spiritual realms that we exist among and in between are more present and palpable to us who are connected and awake. More people that I know and support are feeling, seeing, hearing and sensing more energies, spirits, and life. It can be on the overwhelming side especially because most of us are developing skills to interact with these energies along the way.

We are also watching the rise of the sacred feminine. In my view this is a divine re-balancing. The Priestess is returning to her fullness, which is petrifying to patriarchy, and the fear, acting out, and violence toward feminine power is on full display. 

All in all, we're in a new paradigm. My understanding is that many old seers and those close to nature have predicted this much, however, our old understandings, tools, and magic won't serve--we need to be awake to adapt accordingly. 

We're getting ready for a ride...