Submission: What's A Good Fall Incense?


Are there any incense associated with autumn?

I normally burn evening rose sticks, but wonder if I should switch things up with a new season in full swing. 

Insight appreciated! Thank you!




Thanks for writing. I tend not to think about incense or forms of plant medicine by season as much as I do by properties. That is, what are you trying to do and which plant/incense can promote toward that end?

Fall reminds me of transformation and clearing. Some of my favorite clarity incenses are sandalwood, nag champa (which contains some sandalwood) and myrrh. Each of these incenses/resins are high purification associative and often used for deep meditation/ritual. I recommend reading more at Rob's Magick Blog post, 16 Common Incenses and Their Uses

If you're a fan of evening rose and want a similar incense that may be more fall appropriate, consider jasmine. Jasmine possesses a lot of the beauty essences of rose but has a "clearer" quality. 

Happy burning!