Poem: When We Leave These Places by Richael Faithful

when the sun lights up the sky

we gather along the edge

of worlds that expand when we blink

it is that strange hour

when dreamscape recedes to landscape

i am as confused as you are

when we leave these places


there is never enough time

to stuff our imaginings into our heads

wash multitudes into our bones

or heap lengths of love into our hearts

i never would have chosen this way

we barely remember

when we return to those places


those places were always solid and small

we fit into these bodies mostly well

i prefer to wear many at once

their roundness, their strength, their darkness

matches the earth, their richness too

we play with our parts like doors between places

these and those, here and here, back and forth


it is a strange thing

that they don’t know

we didn’t dream ourselves

into being

some of them still don’t know

we are

their future selves

Submission: Should I Remove A Positive Spirit Attachment? by Richael Faithful

Hello, I just had my energy read for the second time and was told, for a second time, that I have a positive spirit attachment.

Is it like a spiritual guide or...? I've only ever heard of negative attachment. Can you possibly shed some light on this matter? Should I try to remove it if it's not negative? 

Thanks in advance!


Hey, HN!  This is such an intriguing shamanic question. Thank you for sharing about yourself and reaching back. 

So, I'd like to start with context about how I see things. Any attachment, in my view, is not positive, by definition. One of our most precious undertakings in our corporeal bodies is to maintain our sovereignties--physically, psychically, and energetically.  When something--a spiritual entity, energy cord, or otherwise--attaches to us non-consensually and indefinitely, it is a form of violation that should be addressed. Ultimately, intent matters, but it matters less if you did not consent to the connection or set the terms of the bond.

That said, I understand what you mean when you ask, "what is a positive spirit attachment?" The connotation of negativity is so closely associated with attachment that, to some practitioners, those words are synonymous to one another. By using the description "positive," I assume that the people who conveyed this insight to you mean that the entity attached to you doesn't mean you harm, and may even facilitate life matters in your favor.  In my experience, attachments like these are rare but occasionally happen.

But a positive/negative dichotomy only takes us so far--there's also a view that even negative attachments can be teachers. I've witnessed this to be true, though, admittedly much more interesting when the spirit isn't attached to your energy field.

My sense is, that the spirit attached to you is not an ancestor or spirit guide or benevolent entity--it's a spirit that was relatively recently in human form, and did not have a previous connection to you. I affectionately call these attachments "hitchhikers." It feels like he's helping you out in some ways, and he's also benefiting too, although the relationship feels complex. 

So, does this dude have ill-intent? Not at all. Is he helpful to you? Minimally. Is he an intrusion that you didn't invite? Yes. Is he benefiting in some way? Yes. Should you work closely with a trustworthy and experienced shamanic practitioner to investigate things further? Absolutely. Particularly, there are layers to this attachment's relationship with you (it's been with you a little while) so I recommend finding support that can help you translate the nuance.

In the end it'll be up to you whether you'd like to remove the attachment. Another option is to create conditions on your relationship with it, and let the relationship run its course. Shamanic support should help convey pieces of the story, weigh the options available to you, and share any insight from your spiritual support (guides, guardians, etc). I'm wishing you clarity in the coming months.

In solidity,


Be Humble. by Richael Faithful

The wisdom of shrinking ego has been in my periphery for months. As I’ve seen inflated egos derail some of our most brilliant community-building and flatten some of our most brilliant people, over these months, I’ve needed to ask: “how can I keep my ego in its lane?”

Then, this week happened. As 45 fires officials as quickly as the White House printer allows, and his porcelain fragility sends our constitutional system into a rapid downward spiral, I think that we should have this conversation today. And when I say today, I mean, right now.

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Trust Yourself by Richael Faithful

The intensity of this year has put most of us into a strange configuration of transition, vacillation, and disorientation. It is as if we start down one path, notice the ground shift beneath us, confront doubt about our choices, take a moment to reset, and start on our way again, perhaps reluctantly. It's a harrowing reflection of the world too--our realities seem anything but, if we are too attached to their familiarity. 

As those of us on the waking path continue to let go of our expectations, detach from our hardened beliefs of what we know, and, at times, release our assumptions about reality itself, we are reminded to trust ourselves.

We are called to trust on two levels: trust our Knowing and our resilience to weather our way equipped with it, and trust our wider connection to whichever forces are influencing our evolution and dictate the logic of our collective psyche.

This isn't a trust yourself cliche on a t-shirt--this is the Big Trust that'll press hard on your anxiety, stretch your patience, and give you whiplash. You may, for a moment, want to go back in time for that blue pill.  It is the type of Trust that transforms us for our next learning stage. 

On the first tip, our internal connection to all things is what I describe as Knowing. It is the compass that governs our deep intuition and recalls memory from way back, way forward, all sides of ourselves, and all to which we are connected. Recently, the guidance that I've interpreted for folks on behalf of the Ancestors has been some version of "you already know." (And when they're on the sassier side, "we've been told you.")

I was read the same guidance myself when I talked to my intuitive-friends. As their words were channeled, I slowly recognized, to my mild amusement, that my helping spirits had already told me everything. One thing after the other! I just needed a reflection to see how the pieces fit within the composite. In fact, my People told me that I was being too practical around my Knowing. Fair enough. Resistance to our Knowing comes in many forms. Whatever yours is, let it down, and when you think you have released, let go more still. If the same things have been reflected back to you; if you've seen the same signs; if the same ideas come to mind; if you've gotten the same advice--it's time to just trust yourself.

I'm often asked about the nature of Trust. I suppose it's a burden of my last name ;) What I can say is if you have been conditioned not to trust yourself, or trauma has separated you from your trust, or you are recovering from a leap of trust that was a rough ride, it is OK to doubt. Doubt can be your companion if you put it to service. I say let Doubt be in contrast to your Knowing, and when you must, choose. Choosing to Trust does not mean that it'll be easy, however, it will mean that you will receive more support, universally speaking, than if you resist. That's been true in my experience.

It's also true for me, and from what I've witnessed, to trust in our resilience. We are made for this life--we simply need to believe in as much. Many of us have survived hard times already and have survival encased in our very DNA. I'm reminded that the courage that we are is toward our evolution so that we don't need to merely survive anymore. We are and can experience life differently, in a way that doesn't feel like constant struggle. Granted, we are often called to work for it. However, it is worth our work.

The second level of trust that is crucial is our wider Trust in the forces that shape our realities. They are often hard to follow and understand in the ways that we know. Divine, she has her own plans. We are offered small windows at any moment that we try not to miss. This is why our keen presence--from moment-to-moment--is required.  

Nonetheless, whichever connections inspire you to claim a wider Trust, please do not take them for granted, particularly now. Draw them closer. Whether it is (living) people, animals, art, nature, philosophy, or whatever else--notice them, love them, hold them with care. They are are our sources of being. And the more that we affirm them, the more that we affirm ourselves, and the utter everyday Mystery that we occupy. 

And besides, it's usually easier to claim a wider Trust than to be all but forced to. We know those moments when we didn't claim it until things got harsh. The side of ease is the side of Trust. 

Wishing y'all immense support as we let go & become! Happy spring!

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Submission: How Do I Decipher My Dreams & Develop My Intuitive Abilities? by Richael Faithful

Dear Richael, I have two questions.

  1. How should one go about best deciphering their dreams?

  2. How should someone go about best identifying and then developing their intuitive abilities?



Dear Tamara,

Thank you for reaching back. It sounds like you may have, in part, answered your own question. Let me see if I can point you toward a direction.

Dreams represent the intersection of several forms of majik. The ways in which we develop relationships with them is a form of symbol majik. The ability to understand signs, omens, symbols, and totems is a line of majik that often requires knowledge and practice to really strengthen.

I’d recommend dream journaling so that you can begin to recognize patterns (e.g. recurring themes, prophetic dreaming, associated feelings arising from certain events, etc.).

It also helps to deconstruct dreams in parts and spread those parts out to make sense of them. A symbol book can go a long way. Although the meaning of symbols vary across places, time, and traditions, you may get good use out of a book like, Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams. I intuit meanings from dreams like a story, however, if I’m unfamiliar a symbol or theme or if it’s complex, this book is a decent reference.

As you become more practiced with symbol majik, I’d begin to ask the origin of the communication of your dreams. Is it your subconscious? Future or past self? A living person? An ancestor or guide? A spirit visitor? Have you traveled? Learning the source of a dream provides helpful context, especially if you feel compelled to act on information from a dream.

Your first question may be a clue about your second question--how does one develop their intuitive abilities? I believe, in most cases, people have hints of their intuitive strengths. They just need tools with which to further practice. If you remember your dreams and they are vivid, animated parts of your life, you can begin to intuit meanings of your dreams, and use any references just as aids. Ask your friends if you can try reading their dreams. Many “knowers” take their dreamtime for granted because they assume everyone else receives as much transmission from dreams as they do, although that’s not necessary true at all.

There are also many other paths. There are intuitive practice groups, meetups and support groups, which you can find online. You can adopt a divination practice that you feel drawn to, and begin reading for yourself. Divination systems are plentiful so see what you’re drawn to: tarot or oracle cards, pendulum, bone or rune reading, scrying, among many others.

Remember, too, that you don’t need to start from nil. You can ask another intuitive about how your intuitive will serve you and which ways you can develop your skills. I rely on other readers that I trust to confirm a place to begin when I’m starting a new endeavor or reorganizing an area of my life.

At the end of the day, however, the best way to practice developing your intuitive skills is simply trusting it. The sharper your awareness about your intuition and following its guidance, the better you’ll understand your own communication with yourself.

Honestly, this is the primary way that I developed my own intuitive skills. I was my own teacher supported by other unicorn-peers.

Stay Encouraged,


Reflections on Abundance with Michell Stanley by Richael Faithful

Michell Stanley of Moksha Living and I finished our second year of Intentional Living, a fall workshop series designed to bring awareness around our fear, forgiveness, love, and abundance patterns and reset foundations for new mindsets.

I asked Michell a few questions after our abundance workshop last night. Our sharing around abundance wasn't about manifestation--it's about our openness to recognizing possibilities and resources where they are. We believe that embracing and transforming fear, releasing through forgiveness, and reinforcing self-worth and love practices contribute toward an abundance mindset.

No Longer On Our Backs: Callin' Back Our Power by Richael Faithful

A theme that emerged this week in my shamanic work is calling back our power.

This present paradigm shift seems to be offering interesting context for rapid restoration. Overall, the parts of ourselves that experience trauma or oppression require deep healing and fast. We cannot deeply heal when we are still in the belly of the beast. This is why many of us are being called into radical self care to balance other external justice work. We need the space. 

Yet, space alone does not allow us to regenerate ourselves on a core level. Many of us are depleted from the last couple of years, using our reserves and even some of our ancestral reserves, as we've undergone transformation after transformation. We also need more power. Some of our power is regenerative, so that if we nurture it, it will return. But some of our power is given away from our existing attachments or burdens we're carrying that are not ours. This is the time to call ours back.

We already seen this call-back on the systemic level. Movements are calling back our safety, our lands and gifts of the land, our humanities and precious sacredness as living beings too deserving of protection and wellness. We must continue to invest into these call-backs but we must do so with energy that is returned to us on individual and communal levels.

So, this is a moment for cord-cutting. What is serving you and the greater good? If a relationship, community, or place does not serve, leave those elements behind to make space and regain power. Then, use that space and power to deposit into what is life-giving and life-affirming. Cord cutting can be ritualized and it can be merely an mind-heart-body-spirit inventory and commitment toward your intention. 

How do you know what serves? If you are re-connecting to yourself or disoriented from many and layered transitions, identify your "threshold." What is your embodied signals that something feels really good? If a relationship is not meeting your threshold, evaluate whether it should continue to exist. The nuance to cord cutting is that you're not releasing the relationship necessarily--you're releasing its toxic aspects, patterns, or histories so that your future relationship can make a new way. 

In other words, Divine is asking us to do a dimension-level soul retrieval. This is serious and we must follow Her guidance. The parts of us that oppress, perpetrate and harm are responded to with mirrors so that we can heal those parts, and it is no longer on the burden of the parts of ourselves that are oppressed, traumatized or hurt. We are emptying the double load and asking our privileged parts to do its share. Some parts of ourselves and our systems are more ready than others. Regardless, the call back is here.