Healing For Our Ancestors, Our Selves, and Our Children



Healing Curation

Healing Curation is a set of unique supportive offerings for activist groups. This collection of healing justice rooted offerings is a culmination of all that we've seen, learned, and are increasingly doing, structured with lots of intention and love. 

We came together, as politically-engaged healers of color, based on the belief that spaces where people gather to vision, strategize, and build relationships could be more impactful. 

Over the years, we have seen the ways in which minimizing our need for healing makes realizing our mission so much harder. We have understood that when healing is integrated with--and not separate from--our change-making work, transformation is much more possible. And we have been humbled as more and more organizers invite us into their spaces, and we co-create together.

You can learn more about our conference and gathering offerings here. Learn more about our organizational support here. And contact us about interest or a customized curation here.

Other Offerings

Live Teaching

Dynamic, experiential in-person teaching on a broad range of healing justice-related topics. Request only.

Sacred Drumming Meditation Circles

Conjure-style drum meditation circles (guided or not guided). Request only.

Creative Contributions

Requests to speak and/or write about healing justice, folk healing or specific topic. Request only.

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What’s it like to be led through fear, doubts, and sadness, and then upwards and find your way to the love of your departed mother and your ancestors and your own self love? Now I know. Their hands passed over my heart and I cried, and then I calmed. This is what I was looking for. Richael Faithful, Street Shaman has a beautiful, beautiful gift. I can’t wait to see where else we can go.
— Nadine Chabrier

Selected Work

  • Liberatory Healing Circle Facilitator, Emerging Philanthropies (September 2016)

Tagg Magazine: Local Healing Circle Provides Outlet for Community Members

  • On-Site Shaman & Workshop Presenter, Warmth of Other Suns Conference for Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (August 2016)

Blog Feature: The Light of Moons Above

Blog Feature: Healing from Sexual Trauma - a Talk with Folk Healer and Shaman, Richael Faithful

  • Shaman-in-Residence, Freed Bodyworks (March 2015 - March 2017)

Blog Feature: On Doubting Energy Work and Why To Try It Anyway

  • In Laughing Color: For Queerky Folks When Comedy Central Wasn't Enuf (Co-Founder, Co-Producer & Performer, Spring 2015 - Fall 2016)

He(a)r/e (Summer 2015)

Capital Fringe Festival: He(a)r/e (Writer, Co-Producer & Peformer, Summer 2015)

And so that’s why I’m high on this show: if she could get these impressive results from such meager ingredients, then Faithful has real performance-artist cred.
— DC Theatre Scene