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[Healing] Curation

Healing curation is the skilled imagining, preparation, and facilitation of a group healing experience. These experiences are designed to be experiential and meet specific individual and communal needs. Richael's curation is known to be powerfully creative and evocative. 

Richael is also part of the Oxalis Collective, with Miriam Zoila Pérez & Karen L. Culpepper, which offers more capacity for healing curation, especially for conferences and gatherings. Learn more.

Selected Work

  • Co-Facilitator, Sex Workers Community Summit on Arrest Diversion and Criminal Justice Reform, Open Society Foundation (August 2017).

  • Facilitator, at Unlearning Stigma, Gaining Magic Summit with HIV public health group, NASTAD (June 2017).

  • On-Site Healer, Black Youth Project 100 National Convening (June 2017).

  • On-Site Healer, Duke University, Policing Color: Black, Brown and Blue, Provost Forum on Race, Community, and the Pursuit of Justice (March 2017).

  • Liberatory Healing Circle Facilitator, Emerging Philanthropies (September 2016).

  • On-Site Shaman & Workshop Presenter, Warmth of Other Suns Conference for Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (August 2016).

Need 1-on-1 Support? 

Earlier in 2017, Richael paused their 1-on-1 support to birth the healing curation practices and create a futuristic and sustainable model to support the work. They wholeheartedly recommend AfroMajick for intuitive support.  Please reach back if you need further guidance on individual shamanic support.

[Healing] Words

Richael is a compelling writer who publishes healing-related essays, creative non-fiction, poetry, and cultural analysis. To read more, see below for their selected work. If you'd like Richael to contribute to your publication, please Reach Back.

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Latest From Ask A Shaman Blog

[Healing] Repair Processes

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This offering emerged from more and more requests for support with restorative and accountability processes for movement groups. 

Richael has successfully designed both restorative and accountability processes that are rooted in healing justice principles.

Design may include suggestions about the nature of repair, creation and mapping of a process, preparatory support, and post-meeting or process report/archive, and process facilitation (case-by-case basis).

Please Reach Back to explore possibilities. 

[Healing] Conjure Drum

Conjure drum is sacred, ancestor-guided sound healing. Richael shares conjure drum in healing circles and often integrates conjure drum into curated experiences. Conjure drum is also available on Richael's YouTube channel.

[Healing] Performance

And so that’s why I’m high on this show: if she could get these impressive results from such meager ingredients, then Faithful has real performance-artist cred.
— DC Theatre Scene

Richael occasionally uses performance as an extension of creative healing innovation. With a belief that the immersion of experience can move, impress, and embolden toward our wholeness, healing can emerge from any form of artistic expression, from performance art to comedy.

Body of Work

  • In Laughing Color: For Queerky Folks When Comedy Central Wasn't Enuf (Co-Founder, Co-Producer & Performer, Spring 2015 - Fall 2016).
  • Capital Fringe Festival: He(a)r/e (Writer, Co-Producer & Performer, Summer 2015).